How it works


You want to start mining but Miners are very expensive and you don’t have any knowledge how to assemble and install the Miners and also maintain their system. These are not included overexpected electricity bill and overheating. And this is why AcmineCloud  was established.

AcMine Cloud is a cloud mining service provider. We help you reduce your cost paying a large amount of money for buying Miners. You don’t need to know how to assemble and take care of the miners. You can calculate your actual cost and profit. This is why anyone can easily start joining this kind of investment.

No more worries that you won’t get the maximum of mining power because Acmine Cloud selects the best choice for you. Ant Miner E3 at this time is the most valuable miner used for ETH. Besides, a provided temperature controlled room can help the miners reach their maximum performance throughout 24 hours. You can rely on that you will certainly get full amount of Hash all the time